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Flying Tigers: Detailed Plot of John Wayne’s First War Movie

Produced by Edmund Grainger at Republic Pictures, and directed by David Miller, Flying Tigers depicts the exploits of the American Volunteer Group (AVG), Americans fighting the Japanese in China prior to the U. S. entry into WWII.

I Married a Woman (1958): Romantic Comedy Starring George Gobel, Diana Dors, and John Wayne

The second attempt to turn popular TV personality George Gobel into a movie star also failed in I Married a Woman, a dull romantic comedy, co-starring Britain’s sex symbol, Diana Dors.

Oscar: Career Oscars–John Wayne

Career Oscars: John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Geraldine Page

John Wayne: Comparison of Stardom Vs. Cary Grant

John Wayne’s career resembled in some respects that of Cary Grant. Grant was older than Wayne by 3 years–he was born in 1904, in the U.K. Grant started his acting career at Paramount, in 1932, playing second fiddle to the studio’s major star, Gary Cooper. John Wayne, born in 1907 and thus only younger than […]

Oscar Politics: John Wayne and Sands of Iwo Jima

The campaign proved to be effective as John Wayne received his first Best Actor Oscar nomination.